Unlocking the Potential of Old Trophies

Have you ever wondered What can I do with old Trophies?

Trophies tell stories of triumphs, victories, and achievements, but what happens when these cherished symbols of success start accumulating dust on the shelves? At Warrington Trophy World, we believe that the journey of a trophy doesn’t end with the final accolade. Instead, it transforms into a canvas for creativity, a source of inspiration, and an opportunity for meaningful gestures.

1.Upcycling as Home Decor

Give your old trophies a new lease on life by incorporating them into your home decor. Consider grouping them on a dedicated shelf, creating a unique and personalised display. Mix and match with other decorative elements to infuse character into your living space.

2.Donate to Local Organisations

Spread the joy of recognition by donating your old trophies to local schools, community centres, or charitable organisations. Many organisations host events where repurposed trophies can bring smiles to aspiring athletes, students, or community members, creating a ripple effect of motivation and encouragement.

3. Custom Trophies for New Achievements

Transform the essence of your old trophies into new ones by repurposing them for different achievements or events. Remove or replace outdated elements and customise the trophies to suit new milestones, ensuring that the legacy of recognition continues in fresh and innovative ways.

4. Crafting DIY Awards:

Unleash your creative side by disassembling old trophies and repurposing their components into unique DIY awards. Create custom plaques, medals, or shadow boxes that celebrate personal milestones, achievements, or even acknowledge the accomplishments of friends and family.

5. Drop your Awards off with Warrington Trophy World

We are able to recycle many old trophies by polishing them up and donating them to local Sports Clubs, Schools or events

6. Educational Tools for Kids:

Inspire the next generation by turning old trophies into educational tools. Remove any Engraving and repurpose them as math counters, spelling bee awards, or other creative learning aids. This not only adds an element of fun to education but also promotes the importance of recognition in academic pursuits.


At Warrington Trophy World, we believe in the enduring legacy of trophies. While they may represent past achievements, the potential to give them new life is limitless. Whether through upcycling, donation, or DIY projects, old trophies can continue to inspire and motivate. So, don’t let your trophies gather dust – let them become a source of creativity, positivity, and lasting recognition. Let the journey of your trophies continue, evolving with every chapter of achievement and celebration.